Remote Hand Service

  1. Server Reboots: Technicians can remotely reboot servers, helping to resolve minor issues or apply updates.
  2. Hardware Replacements: If a component fails, technicians can replace it with new hardware, such as hard drives, memory modules, or network cards.
  3. Cable Management: Technicians can manage and organize cables for better airflow and maintenance.
  4. Visual Inspections: Providing visual verification of equipment status, LED indicators, and overall conditions.
  5. Diagnostic Testing: Running basic tests or diagnostics to identify potential hardware or connectivity issues.
  6. Installation Assistance: Assisting with the installation of new equipment, such as servers, switches, or routers.
  7. Troubleshooting: Investigating and resolving simple networking or hardware issues.
  8. Console Access: Providing remote access to server consoles for troubleshooting and configuration.
  9. Basic Configuration: Making minor configuration changes as requested by the client.
  10. Physical Resets: Performing physical resets on devices that might be unresponsive.
  11. Remote Hands Coordination: Communicating with off-site technical teams to facilitate tasks.
  12. Inventory Checks: Verifying equipment presence, serial numbers, and conditions.
  13. Equipment Racking: Installing or removing equipment from racks.
  14. Security Checks: Ensuring physical security measures are in place.