Other Value-Added Services

We provide other value-added services such as :

MCT installation (multi cable transit)

We are pleased to introduce our MCT solutions that provide efficient cable management, superior sealing, and reliable transit of multiple cables through walls, floors, and bulkheads.

Excavation for cabling works

We offer professional excavation solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of cabling projects, ensuring efficient and safe installation of underground cables.

Cable detection services

We provide professional and reliable cable detection solutions for locating underground cables, ensuring safety and preventing damage during excavation, construction, or maintenance activities.

In-Line Closure Splicing

Professional and efficient solutions for in-line closure installation and splicing of fiber optic cables, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance.

Manhole cabling and survey

We offer comprehensive services for manhole surveying and cabling installations, ensuring efficient and reliable connectivity within your network infrastructure.

Confine Space Accessor

We provide certified confine space accessor that comply with safety standards and regulations. Accessor comes equip with calibrated gas detector.

Work from Height Accessor

Our accessor will advise on safe and efficient work-at-height operations. Our accessor will ensure compliance with safety regulations and enables workers to perform their tasks with confidence and security.